Cosmetics of Evil

October 7, 2006 at 12:09 am (politics)

My friend recently directed me to an ancient link about the labour practices of the cosmetics company Lush Canada. The article featured in a 2000 issue of A-infos, “a multi-lingual new source by, for, and about anarchists” (let the reader beware), and states that the workers at the Lush Canada manufacturing centre went on strike when their employer said they could not organise and actually fired some of the workers for joining a labour union. Allegedly.

What is wrong with the world? Lush was the single nicest, happiest international company I knew. They’re vocally agains animal testing, and most of their products are solid (including shampoo and conditioner) so as to avoid using preservatives and excessive packaging. Come to think of it, they’ve started to feature more and more gooey gel-y things in hard plastic containers. And they don’t (to my knowledge) have a recycling system, unlike some other psedo-environmental cosmetic companies owned by evil bunny-torturing multinationals. Incidentally, I’m not linking to Lush because I’m trying not to link to evil, evil union-breakers.

I guess I just have to admit that consumerism is not a valid method of saving the world. It’s just so tempting. Soo soo tempting and pretty and shiny. I like shiny. Thank god for the MAC AIDS fund, is all I can say. (It’s charity! And lipstick!)

I did a quick search just now to look for links to pseudo-cosmetics you could make on your own with actual natural ingredients (provided you know a good organic greengrocer), but it’s surprisingly difficult. Beyond the classic cucumber-on-eyes trick I stumbled across articles telling you to use petroleum jelly as facial sheen goop and ads for books. This is one of the few good hits I got. Of course, if you love your honey, oatmeal and yoghurt exfoliator, you could just try going crazy and slap honey, oatmeal and yoghurt all over your face. Or have it for breakfast.


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