People I Would Like to Steal From

October 31, 2006 at 8:38 pm (Uncategorized)

 I would love to have more visual content on here, but I am a sucky photographer and much too inept with Illustrator and the like to make funky graphics with ease and skill. So it would be so easy to find  fabulously talented artists and STEAL everything I could ever want. But I’m much too soft for that. Bigger companies I’m just scared of (they can track me down at night when I’m not wearing my tin foil hat), and individual little artistlets are just too fluffy to offend. So while I wait for everybody I like to get on Creative Commons or some other smooch-friendly deal, here’s a few links to funkiness. I’ll just pretend they’re actually on the blog and everything will be JUST FINE.

And please don’t make me cry by pointing out that it’s a little rude to link to people without asking because I’m just too timid.

Anyway: verabee and Richard Gray should be told that I have been stalking them for at least a year.


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  1. veltis said,

    Pshaw. Of COURSE they want you to link to them. That’s why they’ve got their work up on the net in public, right?

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