Lies: Men

January 7, 2007 at 2:24 am (Uncategorized)

Earth Girls Are.

I hope to make this an ongoing series! I wish to examine the ways in which stupid traditional roles make inter-gender relations more complicated than they should be. This is how men are presented to women (or girls), despite obvious everyday experience to the contrary. The lying has gone on for long enough. Let it end here.

Lie #1: Men are taller than women

Can this really be a statistical fact? So many of the men I know are the same height as me, and I’m not freakishly tall for a woman. I have more than once gone out to a club wearing heels, and been offered a delightfully unimpeded view to the bar / DJ booth over the heads of a crowd of men. I don’t mind, short men are wonderful, it’s just that I have been taught to expect men to tower over me. And apparently men like to think they’re taller than women too (shamefully the only example I can think of right now is TomKat and the absurd not-standing-on-a-stack-of-phone-book-honestly wedding photo (no I won’t link to it!)) Were pumps originally developed by a very frustrated female cobbler to make men feel like tiny, girlish eunuchs? Have men shrunk? Or has the right to vote made women taller? Or is it all an ELABORATE HOAX?

Lie #2: Men are really only after one thing, and that one thing is sex

I have in my time fervently wished this were true. All through my pre- and early puberty I was told to watch out for boys, because boys will only want sex and you girls will want to be loved. After some years I found that I was in fact not in an acute need to be loved, and was much more interested in the possibility of no-strings sex, and felt myself at an advantage. I wanted from boys what the boys wanted from me, perfect, right?


Boys wanted friendship, love and cuddles. Boys wanted to “talk about their feelings” and did not want to cheapen me (!) with a one night stand. Boys looked at me earnestly and asked if I wanted to be a stepmother for their child (granted, this was a little after high school, but still) . So my personal experience, and that of many of my friends I might add, is that men are only after two things, and they are emotional understanding and cuddles. Most men seem to think that sex is a sacred union only to be practiced with a steady partner as an expression of love and intimacy, not to be entered into lightly, drunkenly, with a sarcastic stranger. Again, fair enough, but please! Stop frustrating the boy-inclined girls with promises of easy shagging if none is to be had! Or was this idea originally created by a very frustrated male sociologist to make women feel like mutant nymphomaniac aliens from planet Slut?

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    […] sex for women is intimacy, love & cuddles, while for men it is a fierce, aggressive conquest/fight for power. This means mother-son incest can be okay in happy-unicorn world, while father-daughter incest […]

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