Tools of Procrastination: Webcomics

August 21, 2006 at 1:27 pm (web stuff)

There’s something very special about web comics. I used to think that part of the excitement of reading alt.comix type stuff was that they were difficult to get, the paper was a certain (usually cheap) kind, and the ink slightly smudgy. Rather like a die hard LP maniac tilting against CD’s, I thought comics on the web would be a sad and clinical affair – or just plain pointless. My first contact with webcomics was at school, must’ve been around 1995, when I found somebody’s bizarre art project about burning witches. I was not convinced.
Later I’ve come to love looking through comic artists’ webrings and collectives, because more often than not you find something interesting – check out KeenSpot or Blank Label Comics. Some of the comics, like Wapsi Square or the delightful gaijin-manga MegaTokyo, maintain that classic pen-on-paper look that can be so endearing (you can actually imagine the artist swearing and erasing and swearing and white-outing and swearing and scanning and swearing and tweaking). Others are unabashedly computer-generated, like retro-pixel creation Diesel Sweeties.

In my opinion, some webcomics work as paper versions, but somehow few paper comics work on the web. Take my beloved Too Much Coffee Man – it just isn’t the same! Ditto Red Meat. Also they try to guilt you into buying the books which kind of ruins the fun.

Anyway. Webcomics – it’s almost like reading.

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